Music on the run

In the refugee camp at Calais a man is singing: “I'm here, but my soul is across the sea.” It is a striking description of the mood of the thousands of refugees in the camp, many of whom have been camping out there for months. In the makeshift encampment, the hope of a better life has been replaced by fear, sorrow and apathy. What remains is music. Music gives the occupants of the camp back their dignity, and gives Calais a human face.

Frans Bromet en Silvia Bromet (Netherlands)
France | 2016 | 55 min
Persian, English spoken, English subtitled


Ere Zilveren Nipkowschijf voor zijn gehele oeuvre / for his complete oeuvre (2017)

Frans Bromet studied at the Dutch Film Academy and worked as a cameraman for many Dutch feature films. As a documentary filmmaker, he is best known as the creator of Buren (Neighbours), a series in which he interviews disputing neighbors. Silvia Bromet is editor and creative producer. At the moment she is developing a documentary about the life of Willeke Alberti, a well known Dutch singer.