Verbroken Stilte

In Verbroken Stilte (Broken silence) Romani radio reporter Orhan Galjus, born in Kosovo, and filmmaker Bob Entrop travel together through Germany and Poland, in order to find out why the Sinti and Romani people have been silent for so long about the genocide that has been committed against nearly 500.000 of them during World War II. They find their answers through unique encounters and visits to memorial sites. In this journey, Orhan recognizes how history repeats itself. He wants to organise the 12 million Roma and Sinti people into a movement for positive, non-violent change.


Bob Entrop (Netherlands)
Germany, Poland | 2012 | 85 min
Albanian, German, English, Polish spoken, English subtitled

Bob Entrop (1946) studied at the Art Academy in Breda. In 1971 he co-founded the first Dutch film collective ‘Kritiese Filmers’ (Critical Filmers). In 1979 he formed SOL Film Productions with his partner Anneke Hopmans.