Traces of War: Scenes of Everyday Life in a Non-Existent country

World premiere

Twenty years after the war ended, there is still no peace treaty regarding Nagorno Kharabakh. The independent but unrecognized state, traditionally inhabited by Armenians, technically does not exist. Yet, people are building a life for themselves. Tsovak is a village school director who teaches mathematics and physics. Sayat is a professional dancer, but acts as the mayor of Havsatagh Village. They are looking forward to the day a peace treaty is signed and their country is recognized.

Jana Richter (Germany)
Armenia | 2014 | 55 min
Armenian spoken, English subtitled of War/index.html

Jana Richter studied Visual Communication, specializing in the fields of film and television at the University of Arts in Kassel. She founded Richter Production and realized film productions in Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Nagorno Karabakh and Germany.