MIGRATION & MUSIC #1 @ Amsterdam Roots (Jungle)

Jungle, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, 1093 VS Amsterdam (bij Oosterpark), Amsterdam | Wednesday 21 June | -

During the Amsterdam Roots Festival a number of documentaries about music and circus will be screened by the Cineblend Festival. What is the role of music if we look at cultural- and groupidentity in a migration setting? Tonight this music film about Irak will be screened.

Including an aftertalk with Neil van der Linden, organiser of music and theatre projects on the Middle-East, moderated by Eddy Appels. Afterwards music by composer and ud player Monir Goran.

On the Banks of the Tigris: the hidden story of Iraqi music

Dutch premiere

After having escaped from Iraq, Majid Shokor discovers that the songs he loved as a child in Baghdad have a surprising hidden history. To learn more about this history Majid embarks on a bold journey from Australia to Israel, Europe and Iraq to meet top Iraqi musicians, listen to their music and stories, and unite them in a concert for peace and reconciliation. The film includes music by Ahmed Mukhtar, Yair Dalal, Farida and the Iraqi Maqam Ensemble.  

Marsha Emerman (Australia)
Iraq, Australia, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom | 2015 | 79 min
Arabic, English spoken, English subtitled


Best Documentary op het Baghdad International Film Festival; Audience Choice op het Arab Film Festival, San Francisco; finalist Best Documentary, ATOM Awards, Australia.


Marsha Emerman produces and directs documentaries on arts and culture, human rights and social issues. She teaches film at the VCA School of Film & TV, University of Melbourne.