BOB ENTROP IN FOCUS #2 (Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis)

Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam | Saturday 17 June | -

This year the Dutch director Bob Entrop celebrated his 70th birthday. Besides this, he has been working in film for 5 years. Two good reasons to celebrate his work. Entrop has made numerous films on Roma and Sinti culture and succeeded in gaining access to this closed culture. On June 15 Entrops film ‘Shared Pride’ (Gedeelde Trots) will premiere at Cineblend Festival 2017. On June 17 and 18 we will screen a few of his films on Roma and Sinti culture in a retrospective on his work.

After the screening there will be an aftertalk with the director and Lalla Weiss, spokeswoman of the Sinti and Roma in the Netherlands.


Volk zonder eigen land

Filmmaker Bob Entrop has been fascinated by Roma and Sinti gypsies and their customs, codes and taboos. In 'Volk zonder Land' (A People with no country of their own) he tries to understand the afflicted community. More than once, however, he is been told that something is none of his business or that one doesn’t talk about certain things, especially not in front of a camera. Nevertheless, Entrop succeeds in unveiling some of the secrets of this rather closed community. Traditionally there has been a strict separation between Roma and Sinti and the rest of society. The younger generations however, believe their community should be more open towards the outside world.

Bob Entrop (Netherlands)
Netherlands | 2007 | 90 min
Dutch spoken, English subtitled

Afbeelding Volk zonder eigen land