Remapping Europe – migrant’s perspectives and superdiversity (FabCity Campus Java-eiland)

FabCity Campus Java-eiland, Amsterdam | donderdag 28 april | -

In samenwerking met Doc Next Network, Beeld voor Beeld en Framer Framed organiseert Netwerk Democratie een reeks filmvertoningen over verschillende onderwerpen. Tijdens elke voorstelling laten we korte documentaires zien rondom een bepaald onderwerp. Na afloop is er ruime gelegenheid voor discussie.

Migrants have entered European countries but they haven’t entered the public sphere. When they do, it is as characters in other people’s stories - desperate faces, surging hoards and floating bodies - something ‘other’. We rarely hear from migrants as experts or legitimate voices. Doc Next presents a series of short videos highlighting the perspectives of young migrants in Europe. Most of the videos stem from ‘Remapping Europe – a Remix’, investigative artistic project that contributed to an inclusive cultural practice and public imagery in and of Europe by connecting young creative media-makers who have migrant perspectives from Spain, Poland, Turkey, and the UK. In this Doc Next project, remixing was seen as a strategy through which to reconfigure our self-representation as citizens and producers of meaning: to deconstruct a discourse, analyse its parts, its ideology and its message, and then put it back together using creativity, insight, irony, satire, humour or parody in order to reconstruct a narrative that can decipher the ‘hidden curriculum’.