Entry regulations 2017

The screening selection will be made in co-operation with a programme Council, consisting of anthropologists, documentary film makers, researchers and producers. To apply, please fill in the online entry form.

  • In the entry form you provide us with a link to a DOWNLOADABLE file of your film, HD mp4 or .mov, for selection purposes. The files will stay in the possession of the festival for internal/educational use only.
  • Furthermore you are requested to upload two stills of the production to be included in the festival catalogue and on the website and for promotional purposes (300 dpi). The files will stay in the possession of the festival.
  • The entry must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • The presence of the filmmakers at the screening is highly valued since discussion is one of the central features of the festival. The festival will try and provide for three nights in a private accomodation or a hotel. If the filmmakers cannot afford to pay for their travel expenses the festival will try and get funding for travel expenses, but this is not assured.
  • Although it is not a requirement for selection first-time screenings in the Netherlands are preferred.  
  • Film makers of productions selected will be notified before May 3, 2017. In case of selection, the copyright holder authorizes Cineblend to use a trailer or a 4 minute clip of the production for promotional purposes through public media like television and Internet. The clip will also be included on the Cineblend website.

Submission deadline: Tuesday April 18, 5 pm.
More information: info@beeldvoorbeeld.nl

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